JD Cloud Enterprise Assistant

The official release of JD Cloud Enterprise Assistant will provide reduced costs and reliable guarantee and enable enterprises to focus on their main business. These benefits facilitate the cloud transformation of enterprises.

Business Challenge: Why enterprises need JD Cloud Onboarding?


JD Cloud Onboarding of Applications

As the most fundamental system service of enterprises, applications such as ERP, OA, CRM will definitely evolve into the informationalized infrastructures of enterprises as Internet, cloud computing, big data and other new-generation technologies develop. Transformation to cloud has become an irreversible trend.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

JD Cloud disaster recovery services provide a leading enterprise core data protection technology service that can sustainably and constantly protect key data and quickly recover data to any previous time point as required.


Application Running Monitoring: Effectively improve customer's experience of application maintenance; Automatic Operation and Maintenance Monitoring: Perform automatic application load scheduling, predictive expansion, emergency response to faults, disaster exercise and patch upgrade; Cloud Resource Monitoring: Provide basic cloud resource monitoring services for cloud vendors.


  • Customized Security

    You can customize exclusive security defense models for each enterprise application. The maximum protection capability is provided without affecting the efficiency of application systems.

  • Stable Running

    JD Cloud has authoritative and professional verification qualifications and 99.95% of the monthly service level is SLA, with 100 times fault compensation, so you can be free from worry and disturbance.

  • Quick Deployment

    One-click deployment and quick JD Cloud Onboarding; one-stop service to help easy JD Cloud Onboarding; reduce human input of enterprise IT operation and maintenance.

  • Auto Scaling

    Flexible adjustment at anytime and anywhere; auto expansion to help easily deal with rapid growth of business. Use as needed will put an end to IT resource waste.

  • Simple and Easy Operation

    Scenario-based operation and automatic deployment; the technical threshold of CodeDeploy is reduced since the users need not to configure parameters.

  • Minute-level RTO

    RPO=30: You can recover business data to a specified backup time within 30 minutes; RTO=15: data loss time will not exceed 15 minutes. Guarantee the business continuity will not be affected by the time of hardware maintenance and data recovery.

  • Overall Monitoring

    Monitor running status and health indicator of applications comprehensively, automatically execute predictive expansion and preventive detection and maintenance. Disaster exercise and patch upgrade.

  • Cross-cloud Capability

    Provide capacities of integrating several infrastructure resources, cross-platform fusion and orchestration, data migration, multi-tenant access and so on. Improve the overall business system stability and flexibility.

Typical Business Scenarios

JD Cloud Onboarding Backup

Typical Scenario: System suspension because local hardware infrastructure is apt to be affected by multiple factors: Early damage due to natural aging of hardware or environmental factors; infection incurred by network virus attack of system; machine software shutdown because of BUG or improper patch upgrade policy. JD Cloud Enterprise Assistant provides timing/real-time disaster recovery backup for database, file, operating system, Virtual Machines and disk volume. This product is provided with a three-level backup architecture that can calculate and store resources via horizontally extensive server to provide disaster recovery backup solutions for big data. Users can develop timing backup by way of FULL/increment/difference according to the backup interval

Monitoring of Disaster Recovery

Typical Scenario: Monitoring services provided by JD Cloud Enterprise Assistant include website monitoring, server monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring and real user monitoring. Monitoring services can effectively improve the customer experience of application maintenance and automatically execute predictive and preventive operation and maintenance instructions by monitoring the application indicators such as running status, health indicator, fault warning and business peak valley to guarantee steady and smooth running of applications. Monitoring services can perform automatic application load scheduling, preventive detection and maintenance, predictive expansion, emergency response to faults, disaster exercise and patch upgrade to enhance the efficiency and quality of operation and maintenance.