JD WorkSpaces Solutions

One-stop Delivery VDI Service Solution

Classical Scenario Architectures

Classical Scenario Architectures

● Intranet Personnel: Access Enterprise Application though Intranet JD WorkSpaces ● Internet Personnel: Login JD WorkSpaces of enterprise Intranet though security gateway to access Enterprise Applications (visitors/outsourcing personnel: since the visitor private network and the JD WorkSpaces Network are mutually isolated, and the former is isolated from the Enterprise Application Network, so it can only be accessed through JD WorkSpaces, visiting can only be done through JD WorkSpaces so as to avoid potential safety hazard while visitors and outsourcing personnel are accessing Enterprise Application) ● Multi-factor Login Verification: Security Control Internet Login

Security Solution Architecture

Plan Advantages

  • Multi-cloud Adaptation Mode

    ● Manual Deployment without Interfaces ● Adapt cloud platform based on typical OpenStack ● Adapt OpenAPI of JD public cloud

  • Various Use Methods

    ● Exclusive workspace ● Random workspace ● Shared workspace

  • Abundant Policy Configuration

    ● Specific peripheral virtual channels ● Management and control of peripheral ports ● General USB channels

  • A Whole Set of Service Processes

    ● Consultation ● Plan ● Deployment ● Implementation ● Operation and maintenance ● Monitoring ● Patrol inspection ● Upgrade ● Track service

  • Visual UI Interface

    ● Visual UI interface ● Improve operability ● Support third-party login verification

  • Top Partners

    ● Powerful combination of JD Cloud and Citrix ● Reach the leading level in the industry ● Make technical innovative breakthroughs

  • Complete Ecosystem

    ● JD Group’s ecosystem ● JD Cloud’s ecosystem ● Multi-parties’ empowerment ● Win-win cooperation

  • Comprehensive Security Guarantee

    ● Terminal security ● Access/account security ● Network security ● Data security ● Operation and maintenance security ● Infrastructure security ● Security monitoring and audit

Typical Scenario

Call Center

Typical Scenario: ● High requirement for the immediacy of customer service staff during working hours ● Provide encryption to guarantee data security of sensitive customer information ● Centralized scales, complex operation and maintenance, and high cost of software and hardware

Solution: ● Provide standardized Call JD WorkSpaces to realize efficient operation and maintenance as well as management of JD WorkSpaces ● Adopt random JD WorkSpaces to reduce software and hardware input ● Use the property that data shall not be landed to ensure customer service staff are only entitled to read and write customer information and cannot deliver the information at will, so as to secure the information


Typical Scenario: ● A large number of branches with segmented management architecture ● Without unified gateway and solutions to the problems caused by fast expanding branches ● Lots of business trips conducted by personnel, leading to huge remote access demands ● The protection of development data becomes an urgent issue waiting to be solved ● Reduce the costs of IT operation and maintenance as well as purchase.

Solution: ● Realize safe and stable remote access through NetScaler ● Unify the login access to the gateway from the intranet and the Internet to significantly improve user experience ● Realize unified desktop management architecture, and significantly decrease the difficulty of management ● The Plan slashes the costs of IT purchase and deployment

Outsourcing to the Third Party

Typical Scenario: ● The control and management of source codes developed by a third party through outsourcing ● Unable to audit the records of random downloading, operating behavior and logs of sensitive data such as system configuration during the operation and maintenance services provided by a third party through outsourcing ● Most of the secret transaction data and files are stored in the local machine of the user, generating risk and hidden danger about data loss and data leakage

Solution: ● Realize integrated delivery of applications and desktops ● Realize the protection of source codes and sensitive data of the system, as well as property rights ● Provide efficient behavior audit methods

Network Isolation

Typical Scenario: ● Personnel on business trip cannot access company businesses and only emails are available for business communication, leading to low efficiency ● special users are restricted to use specific devices to access the application system, indicating low flexibility, and there is a need to provide control and management of unified and safe access ● Establish a simple, fast and safe IT Service System

Solution: ● Refine the management of sharing internal documents and knowledge and store all the data in the backend to ensure the security of confidential data ● Centralized and unified maintenance and upgrade of desktop to free IT personnel from tedious traditional tasks of desktop management and facilitate business innovation ● Optimize the backend business network of desktop access data center of different places

Lease of JD WorkSpaces of Public Cloud

Typical Scenario: ● Large online competitions ● Large online events ● Large online adaptation ● New business growth challenges to be faced ● Implement cloud computing construction strategy ● Urgent need to meet new demands of users

Solution: ● Elastic use of resources ● Free control of resource lease use time ● Greatly reduce maintenance costs of JD WorkSpaces and improve experience and efficiency of users ● Generate new business growth point and provide basis for further exploration of revenues

City Cloud JD WorkSpaces

Typical Scenario: ● Multiple functional departments of government need both cooperation and data separation ● The relationship between original multiple sets of application systems of government is complex ● Hybrid use of new and legacy software and hardware is difficult to be managed ● The typically adopted physical resources office environments of Internet and Intranet lead to resources waste and secret leakage risk

Solution: ● Standardized and efficient access of user environment ● Build a security system of five layers, namely Network Security, Running Environment Security, Endpoint Security, Application Security and Data Security ● Provide an overall solution for government affairs office, mobile office, network isolation and GPU acceleration aiming at the characteristics of government affairs

Use existing resources

Typical Scenario: ● Use customer’s existing resources ● Investigate the adaptation situation of iaas Cloud Management platform and depreciated resources

Solution: ● Preliminary investigation of the adaptation of software and hardware ● Assessment of the available rate of depreciated resources ● Make full use of customer’s existing resources with the help of the IaaS Cloud Management platform

Integrated Solution of "Cloud IaaS Platform + JD WorkSpaces"

  • Solution of Adapting Multicloud

    Based on the capabilities of existing public cloud, proprietary cloud, virtual private cloud platforms, provide a complete set of IaaS + JD WorkSpaces solutions

    • Public Cloud Platform: JD Public Cloud JDCloud
    • Proprietary Cloud Platform: JD Proprietary Cloud JDStack
    • Virtual Private Platform: Based on OpenStack
  • Public Cloud IaaS Platform

    Based on the capabilities of existing public cloud platform and direct connection, provide a complete set of public cloud IaaS + JD WorkSpaces solutions

    • Public Cloud Platform: JD Public Cloud JDCloud
    • Direct Connection: JDCloud Direct Connection
    • Customized Services of JD WorkSpaces of Public Cloud
  • Small IaaS Cloud Platform

    Base on JD virtual private cloud platform, provide a complete set of small IaaS + JD WorkSpaces, featuring small scale, lightweight, convenience and high efficiency, available for single node deployment

    • JD Virtual Private Cloud Platform (Pure Software Version)
    • OpenStack Platform (Small-sized)
    • JDSystem360 All-in-one Machine
    • EasyStack All-in-one Machine
  • Large IaaS Cloud Platform

    Combined with JD Proprietary Cloud Platform, provide a complete set of large IaaS + JD WorkSpaces, which has computing capability equivalent to JD Cloud, featuring flexible deployment and top speed delivery

    • JD Proprietary Cloud JDStack (Delivery)
    • JD Proprietary Cloud JDStack (Hosting)
    • OpenStack Platform (Large-sized)