Medical Cloud

Provide advanced and complete intelligent medical treatment and health solutions and cloud services, assisting digital upgrade of local medical transformation and medical treatment and health industry.

Scheme Specification

  • Industry Upgrade of Comprehensive Health

    The green channel of JD Mall is opened to all products concerning the Comprehensive Health, assisting industrial upgrade of local Comprehensive Health by means of attracting investment, marketing activities and others.

    • Industry Agglomeration of Comprehensive Health
    • Product Promotion of Comprehensive Health
  • Intelligent Medicine Logistics

    The Medicine Warehouse/Medicine Could Warehouse is launched by JD, the unmanned drug stores/drug cabinets are established and the solutions of intelligent medicine logistics are made with the O2O service of JD Daojia.

    • Smart and Unmanned Drug Store
    • Medicine Cabinet in Communities
    • JD Daojia
    • Medicine Warehouse/Medicine Could Warehouse
  • Intelligent Medical Platform

    Set up a remote medical treatment for the medical institutions, provide doctors with AI diagnosis-assisting tools and assist the intelligent medical construction for the local government.

    • Intelligent Medical Insurance/Prescription Information Sharing Platform
    • Remote Medical Platform
    • Intelligent Hospital
    • AI Diagnosis-assisting Tool
  • Big Data Application of Medical Health

    Provide the big data analysis service covering medical treatment, medicine and medical insurance and provide analysis service on operation of regional medical treatment and heath.

    • Big Data Analysis on Medical Service
    • Big Data Analysis on Medicine
    • Big Data Analysis on Health Insurance
    • Operating Analysis on Operation of Medical Treatment and Health

Solution Architecture

Construction of Intelligent and Healthy City

Under the guidelines of "Healthy China 2030" Blueprint, Opinions on Promoting the Development of "Internet plus Health Care" and Guiding Opinions on Promoting and Regulating the Application and Development of Big Data in Health and Medical Care by the General Office of the State Council, by using the most-advanced cloud computing and big data technology and being supported by health, medicine (appliance), Internet hospital, medicine logistics, finance, insurance and other predominant resources of JD, assistance is given to complete the "Internet + Medical Health" service system, promotion is made to innovations of "Cloud Service Mode", such as the Internet and AI medicine, public health management, family doctor execution, drug supply guarantee, medical insurance settlement and medical education, regional comprehensive health industrial, motivation is made to ecological agglomeration on the local Comprehensive Health industry and enterprise transformation and upgrade, and achievements in medical care and health service are get by the urban citizens, in combination with relevant policies about local development of the Comprehensive Health industry, locations, talents and other features.

Typical Scenario

Handy Service for the Public of Intelligent Hospital

Typical Scenario: The patient can be registered on line at home. Then, the department is confirmed and the doctor’s office is guided via the intelligent reception function. After visiting the doctor, the payment is made on-line via a mobile device. Finally, the drugs can be fetched from a nearby station or delivered to your home. The patients only need to log in the remote medical platform to inquiry the doctor and purchase drugs for return visit. In this way, the patients do not need to go to the doctor’s office, and only need to send the data to the doctor.

Solution: Intelligent Medical Insurance, Prescription Information Sharing Platform, Remote Medical Platform, Intelligent Hospital and Intelligent Medicine Logistics

AI Diagnosis Service

Typical Scenario: While providing basic medical care, the primary doctors uses the AI diagnosis and treatment assisting tool to assist the diagnosis, to refer relevant contents in medical knowledge base for case study and verification and to promote capacities of basic medical care and public health service.

Solution: AI Diagnosis-assisting Tool and Remote Medical Platform

Intelligent Medicine Guarantee Service

Typical Scenario: Patients suffering the chronic disease and those requiring return visit may inquiry and directly play the order on-line via the remote medial platform. Once the payment is made on-line, the patients only need to wait for drugs at home via the door-to-door delivery.

Solution: Intelligent Medical Insurance, Prescription Information Sharing Platform, Remote Medical Platform and Intelligent Medicine Logistics