JD Cloud Enterprise Assistant Monitoring service provides a stereoscopic monitoring system for CPU, memory, disk and network to enable you to comprehensively understand the use of cloud resources, business running status, health degree of applications and automatically alarm abnormal indicators so as to guarantee the smooth business running.

Solution Description

  • Difficult Monitoring of Business Indicator

    Business indicators are too numerous to monitor

    • Complicated Association Among Customer Business Systems
    • Numerous Business Indicators
    • Difficult to organize and classify them for unified monitoring
  • Difficult to find out the cause for application failure

    Unable to investigate the cause if an application runs slowly or has failure

    • Numerous brands and models of servers, storages, switches and other hardware devices
    • Various versions of operating systems, virtual software, business APPs and other software systems
    • Difficult to find out the cause because any abnormal factor may be the bottleneck for application running
  • Users have already made their complaints when a problem emerges

    During standby unattended time, relevant indicators will not give any alarm notification in case of abnormality. It takes too long to find out and localize the problem and users are severely affected, causing users' complaints

    • Business alarm system cannot give immediate alarm due to incompleteness in case of abnormality
    • Response for failure is slow when no personnel monitor the heath degree of business system during standby unattended time
    • It takes plenty of time to localize the problem if a problem is found, severely affecting user experience
  • It is difficult for users to guarantee the experience even though they spend a huge sum on purchasing the server

    It is difficult for every user to guarantee that they can receive the ideal user experience even though they spend a huge sum on purchasing the server

    • It spends tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of money on purchasing the server
    • Lack of understanding on resource utilization rates and loadings of the server leads to unreasonable resource allocation in business peak valley
    • Waste resources during business trough and run slowly during business peak


Overall Monitoring and Automatic Alarm

Typical Scenario: Application running monitoring — effectively improves the customer experience of application maintenance and automatically executes predictive operation and maintenance instructions by monitoring the application indicators such as running status, health indicator, fault warning and business peak valley to guarantee steady and smooth running of applications. Automatic monitoring of operation and maintenance — can perform automatic application load scheduling, predictive expansion, emergency response to faults, disaster recovery exercise and patch upgrade according to the preset instructions to enhance the efficiency and quality of operation and maintenance. Cloud resource monitoring — provides basic cloud resource monitoring services for cloud vendors, monitors stability of business system and reduce use costs for basic IT resources.


  • Comprehensive

    Cover all kinds of main resources on cloud, with up to 20+ monitoring indicators; all-round and multi-dimensional monitoring builds security on cloud

  • Profession

    Accumulate JD Cloud's technical abilities, release professional performance monitoring and failure alarm abilities and accurately response all kinds of complex scenarios

  • Intelligence

    Have powerful prevention and control ability for risk items by applying monitoring technology deeply and combining with the best practices of relevant systems to help customers prevent abnormal interruption of business to the greatest extent

  • Visualization

    With one-stop cool visualization screen, monitoring indicatrix is all available; help users quickly control the situation and provide precise decision-making reference

  • Real Time

    Sample monitoring indicators in real time to provide immediate and valid resource monitoring; trigger notification and response to abnormality at any time

  • Easy to use

    Automatically subscribe monitoring via Enterprise Assistant, provide multiple aggregation methods and historical monitoring graphs up to six months

  • Automatic

    Automatically trigger email and SMS alarms when an indicator is abnormal, in addition to setting HTTP and HTTPS notifications; with 7 x 24 uninterrupted automatic monitoring, users can know the business running status at anytime and anywhere

  • Depth

    Provide overall and in-depth proactive monitoring services for ECS and Open API, SDK and Agent support customized indicator reports

Solution Architecture

Enterprise Application Monitoring

Characterized with high availability, information privacy, big capacity and multiple long-distance access methods, the JD Cloud Assistant Enterprise Application Monitoring feature supports the alarm to trigger Auto Scaling of server in a quick and prompt manner; meanwhile, it can log in and monitor security logs to provide deep and overall host-plug-in monitoring.