E-commerce Solutions for Enterprise Procurement

Help enterprises to build a one-stop online procurement platform, upgrading from the traditional procurement mode to the sound and efficient Internet procurement mode with guaranteed product quality and more transparent prices, which can be controlled by providers, so as to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.


  • Multiple Transaction Modes Convenient Procurement

    Provide business models that match the procurement characteristics of enterprises, such as bidding and tendering, call auction, matching, agent purchasing and centralized procurement, and quickly support enterprises to digitize procurement and build one-stop procurement capability.

  • Multiple Control Modes Sunshine Purchase

    Support the enterprise to set up the organizational structure tree to manage the procurement authority conveniently, and carry out the procurement modes of packaging negotiation, packaging signing; packaging negotiation, separately signing; and independent purchasing.

  • Full Chain Coverage Comprehensive Functions

    Covering the full chain product capability from demand to sourcing, from orders to reconciliation, connecting procurement and financial links, and improving coordination efficiency.

  • JD support Easy website building

    Support enterprises to quickly connect with JD enterprise procurement, enrich procurement categories, and obtain convenient service for JD commodities and logistics.

Typical Scenario

Shopping Malls for Procurement Inside the Enterprise

Typical Scenario: Relying on the commodity pool of JD’s large customer enterprise procurement platform and JD logistics distribution and other capabilities, the enterprise can quickly build a centralized procurement platform and an in-house purchase benefit platform for subordinate organizations or internal employees.

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Shopping Malls for Centralized Procurement of Group Companies

Typical Scenario: With strict supplier access and evaluation, the enterprise group company can quickly carry out enterprise centralized procurement and self-procurement business through bidding and tendering, matching and other sourcing methods, and realize the whole group’s sunshine purchase and marketing coordination, to reduce the overall procurement cost and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.

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Supply Chain Procurement Platform

Typical Scenario: Relying on their own purchasing volume, quality control capability and financial service capability in the industry, the supply chain procurement service providers organize and manage a large number of qualified suppliers to enter the platform to provide downstream buyers with service such as agent purchasing and centralized procurement, to reduce the procurement costs of downstream buyers and the credit risk of commodity transactions.

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