Retail Shopping Mall E-commerce Solution

Multiple business model, multi-terminal one-stop retail e-commerce solution


  • Multiple business model

    Support multiple business models such as self-support brand, enterprise-establishing on platforms, joint operation and O2O. Help enterprises to realize the transformation of E-commerce business effectively by verifying the business model through fast website building.

  • Multi-terminal

    Support PC, APP, H5, small programs and other multi-terminal displays to meet the shopping needs of users in different scenes and different channels; the multi-terminal unified management platform can effectively reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

  • Marketing Tools

    Support a variety of marketing tools and mainstream marketing methods, and improve the conversion rate of mall transactions by mastering the traffic.

  • Data Intelligence

    The mall's management strategy relies on big data. Accurate user images are obtained through intelligent analysis of data, precise operation is carried out for different user groups. Improve user stickiness by the implementation of accurate selection of products and intelligent recommendation.

Typical Scenario

Brand Mall

Typical Scenario: By building self-support malls, enterprises realize the sale of self-owned products. At the same time, it contributes to the brand promotion, investment attraction and brand influence expanding. Build a full channel and full scene on-line retail mall for brand merchants and retailers, fully defend the threat of the disappearance of the traffic bonus, and fully carry out member interaction

Solution: Brand official website, B2C mall and website building for enterprise

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B2B2C Model

Typical Scenario: The platform-based mall supports the entry of multiple merchants. After the merchants enter the mall, they will manage their own commodities, orders, and carry out marketing promotion and after-sales service, etc. The platform is only responsible for making the rules and supervision.

Solution: B2B2C website, BBC website and website building for enterprise and multi-terminal

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Joint Operation Model

Typical Scenario: Integrate multi-channel suppliers to carry out warehousing and joint operation by means of warehousing, unified warehousing and unified logistics. Platform enterprises carry out transactions by way of consignment sale or direct sale.

Solution: B2B2C website, BBC website

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Multi-channel Retail

Typical Scenario: It focuses on providing overall business solutions for enterprises or brand merchants on major e-commerce sales platforms and official retail platforms to help enterprises realize unified and full-channel member management.

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O2O Model

Typical Scenario: It supports chain stores to connect on-line malls and offline stores, so as to realize seamless connection of the whole scene, which provides an e-commerce platform for consumers to experience and upgrade of services under the links of approaching stores, entering stores, making decisions, paying and after-sales by taking members as the core.

Solution: BBC, store management system, OMS and warehouse dividing among regions

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