Solutions of New Retail

Based on years of retail experience and technology, JD provides brand products and tools such as consumer insights,
creating predictable platform solutions to enhance brand impact.

Business Scenarios

  • E-commerce website security protection
  • Cloud backup of cold/ hot data
  • E-commerce website accelerating
  • SMS

Provide DDoS protection for website domain names. When users are attacked by DDoS, they can effectively filter malicious attacks by purchasing high defense services on the website to ensure the normal operation of the website.

Support massive DDoS attack defense
Support application layer protection
The flexible combination of fixed bandwidth plus flexible protection may provide continuous protection when the attack traffic exceeds the peak of the package, ensuring uninterrupted service, and payment is flexible based on the scale of the attack on the day.
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  • E-commerce Platform Solution

    Through years of exploration and practice, JD has developed an e-commerce platform solution. The solution combines the operating experience of JD platform with the latest technology in the industry to comply with the B2B mode e-commerce system and provide an integrated e-commerce solution.

    • Multi-affiliate System: support online affiliates to station in the platform and open stores
    • Procurement Collaboration: Support internal process approval and batch settlement of procurement enterprises
    • Electronic Contract: support for customized electronic contract templates
    • Credit Payment: members may use credit line to pay the transaction fee
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  • Bonus Points E-Commerce Solution

    The self-support commodities of JD, e-commerce technical capabilities, member operation system, marketing reach network and efficient logistics services will be open up as a whole, providing one-stop services for employee welfare, channel rewards, customer management and maintenance.

    • JD Full Service: Enjoy JD commodity exchange, logistics, and after-sales service
    • Full Cycle Solution: Complete business process of commodity, order, payment and exchange
    • Operation Consulting: Provide operation consulting services in conjunction with e-commerce business planning
    • Distribution Service: open JD distribution resources to enhance the distribution experience
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  • Intelligent Customer Service Solutions

    Relying on years of experience of JD Mall, the intelligent customer service products will be opened to the public. Developed corpus is provided in 3C, electrical appliances, maternal and other categories, which can be opened with WeChat, APP, mall and other channels and achieve a seamless transition to manual customer service.

    • Comprehensive channels and timely communication:
      Multi-terminal coverage including customer and customer service
    • Smart capture of chatting records:
      Clear consulting history and precise service
    • Deploy on demand, and each does its utmost:
      Flexible configuration of human & machine reception ratio
    • Seamless integration, experience rapid response:
      Transfer to manual customer service for the uncovered questions
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  • Logistics Cloud Solutions

    Based on more than 10 years of logistics experience, the warehouse management system in combination with the e-commerce logistics needs of various industries is developed to solve the common management problems such as low production efficiency, non-standard operation, inaccurate data, and low warehouse utilization.

    • Warehousing Management: Rapidly realize the seamless connections of the warehouse system and the creation of the information platform
    • Distribution Service: open JD distribution resources to enhance the distribution experience
    • Solution Consulting: Customized consulting services for logistics construction
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Recommend Cloud Products

  • Machine

    Multiple virtual machines can be created and released at any time, applications can be quickly deployed, and the computing power can be expanded according to business needs, paying on demand, saving costs, and helping you to carry out a business more efficiently and stably.

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  • Cloud Disk Service

    It can be stored in multiple real-time copies, while providing you with highly available data storage services with flexible capacity expansion. You can expand data storage space at a low price in a few minutes to achieve persistent storage of your data.

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  • Cloud Database

    Easy to deploy, manage and expand, it supports the primary-secondary hot standby architecture by default, and provides complete solutions such as data backup, fault recovery and monitoring to completely solve the issues of database operation and maintenance.

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