JD's opening capacity


The opening of e-commerce capability

The opening of unbounded retail cloud technology

The opening of e-commerce technology

Partner right

Ability upgrading, technology-enabled upgrading and technology upgrading

The unbounded retail partner program offers a full range of cooperation and support to help partners build their business practices and solutions based on JD E-commerce Cloud

JD ISV technology certification

Black technology e-commerce empowerment

Advanced joint promotion

E-commerce resources of JD

Unbounded retail of JD
Unmanned supermarkets, unmanned shelves
JD unbounded retail breaks the boundaries between traditional people, goods and field. Through big data analysis, intelligent hardware products can connect various retail scenes, enhancing the efficiency of retail
Supply chain of JD
Intelligent product selection, intelligent replenishment
JD intelligent supply chain can achieve industry trend forecast, commodity structure optimization, commodity inventory management, commodity intelligence replenishment. The supply chain intelligence level can be enhanced by using the big data, and thus the feedback can be provided as the market changes.
JD Finance
Corporate finance, corporate credit, unmanned payment and crowd funding
Focus on the development of internet financial products, with the rich financial products line covering corporate finance, corporate credit, unmanned payment, crowd funding and other financial scenarios
JD marketing
Digital marketing, content and advertisement
Precision advertising system, CRM management, Kepler Project and intelligent shopping terminal equipment fully meet the multi-scene marketing needs of enterprises
JD Logistics
WMS, TMS, UAV and Cloud Warehouse
With JD's over 10 years experiences in logistics industries, the WMS, TMS system on the logistics open platform of JD can solve the problem of low efficiency in warehousing and distribution process for customers, and provide professional logistics solutions for different industries.
Face recognition, OCR
The JD's AI open platform is designed to focus on the development and commercial innovation of AI basic products. A wide range of human face recognition, speech recognition and image recognition techniques widely adopted in the field of e-commerce has been subject to empowerment through the open platform.

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