Commodity E-commerce Solution

Providing specialized cloud business and technology solutions for core bulk industry enterprises and market operators, helping them to quickly build an e-commerce trading platform with industry characteristics, taking up an advantage and ecological position; realizing the aggregation and transformation of industrial information and resources, and industry standard making and promotion to improve the efficiency and profitability of business operations.


  • Convenient Transaction Manageable and Controllable

    Provide model combining futures with spot transaction such as listing and bidding to improve transaction efficiency, reduce transaction risks, and facilitate the rapid completion of transactions.

  • Multi-flow Integration Closed Loop Management

    Achieve the interconnection between on-line and off-line transaction information, provide convenient and diverse B2B payment methods and convenient logistics scheduling and tracking services to achieve closed-loop management for the integration of multiple flows.

  • Data Support Financing Bonus

    Integrate supply chain financial solutions. Based on core enterprises and rely on online transaction data and digital warehouse supervision to provide supplier chain financial services to upstream and downstream industry chains.

  • Flexible Pricing Efficient Marketing

    By providing a variety of pricing models and discount models, the platform helps companies quickly develop price policies, monitor price execution, and improve transaction efficiency.

Typical Scenario

Supply Chain Owner Self-support and Investment Trading Platform

Typical Scenario: The enterprise of the chain owner relies on the integration of own offline resources and capabilities to attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain to participate in online transactions to open closed loops of transactions, logistics, finance, data and services to control supply chain scheduling capabilities, and improve supply chain coordination efficiency.

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Third-party Vertical Trading Market

Typical Scenario: Market operators deepen vertical or regional markets, integrating upstream and downstream suppliers, distributors, buyers, financial institutions, logistics service providers, and processing service providers to create a one-stop online trading and service marketplace, and improve the overall efficiency and regional influence of the supply chain.

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