Hosted Cloud Solutions

Provide mixed deployment service for public cloud, IT asset custody, physical equipment leasing, and IDC direct connect. Provide enterprises with secure and reliable exclusive solutions to ensure the fast and stable customer business on the cloud.

Basic Capability

  • Network Intercommunication

    The mature and stable network system can satisfy the bandwidth requirements of different business, and provide VPN and direct connect solutions as required, to easily realize the secure intercommunication between the private cloud and the public cloud.

    • Standard multi-ISP line BGP bandwidth
    • Flexible and convenient network access schemes
  • Infrastructure

    JD Cloud has built a Tier3+ high-quality data center by itself, with true dual-channel power supply guarantee, redundant cooling of the water-cooled air-conditioning, and the running environment availability of over 99.99%.

    • Cover North China, East China and South China
    • Share JD Cloud machine rooms of T3+ class
  • Security Protection

    JD Cloud cooperates with the best third-party security vendor in the industry to offer complete and multicloud security solutions. The security protection in public cloud areas follows the protection products and service for public cloud of JD Cloud; the security protection plan of the hosted area is provided by the ecological service providers as required.

    • Share the standard security service of JD public cloud
    • Perfect security protection plan of hosted areas
  • Operation and Maintenance Capability

    JD Cloud’s senior expert team has more than ten years of rich experience in operation and maintenance. Provide end-to-end multicloud solutions and flexible IT frameworks to help enterprises easily access the cloud

    • Full guidance of expert team
    • 7*24 hour DevOps Service support

Solution Architecture

Architecture Description

1. Public cloud: a pool of stable and reliable elastic compute resource pool 2.Hosted area: independent space with flexible deployment, taking into account both used assets and flexible business expansion 3.Security and CDN: Public cloud users share CDN acceleration and security service to effectively ensure business stability and security

Characteristic Service

  • Mixed Deployment

    Divide hosted areas to ensure the business cloud access and fully consider the existing facilities and used resources, provide solutions for secure and stable intercommunication between different networks, and easily expand the business system as needed

  • Reliability Assurance

    Isolate the network between users in different hosted areas and provide different protection schemes for systems with different security levels. Users can choose security solutions as required,

  • Exclusive Physical Server

    Provide physical machine rental solutions, reduce deployment costs, shorten the cycle of business cloud access, and easily cope with business expansion

  • Direct Connect

    Provide high-speed, stable and secure network direct connect and efficiently expand cloud resources to facilitate users to quickly connect to JD Cloud data center and easily build multicloud architecture

Recommended Products

Virtual Machines

Create and release multiple Virtual Machines at any time, deploy applications quickly, expand the computing power according to business needs, and pay on demand, which can save costs and help you develop businesses more efficiently and stably.

RMB 56/month

Virtual Private Cloud

Users can complete network planning in a simple and understandable way according to their needs, and can realize functions such as network isolation, subnet interconnection, public network access, and network sharing.


Cloud Database

Easy to deploy, manage and expand, support the primary-secondary hot standby architecture by default, and provide complete solutions such as data backup, fault recovery and monitoring to completely solve the issues of database operation and maintenance.

RMB 108/month