E-commerce Solutions for Channel Distribution

Help enterprises to build B2B online distribution ordering systems to control channel distribution business and reduce the communication and management costs of channel distribution ordering, logistics, reconciliation, etc., to achieve the orderly management of multiple channels.


  • Easy to Go Online

    Seamlessly complete the digitalization of offline channels, break geographical restrictions, and increase a large number of downstream channels for distribution to quickly deliver goods to reach end customers.

  • Network-wide coordination

    Support flexible and diverse on-line marketing strategy formulation and execution tracing, and quickly synchronize across the network.

  • Clear Control

    Support channels of all levels to hierarchically manage the rules on sales authority, pricing and settlement, and support the fast synchronization of channel orders and the online management of channel inventory, so as to improve the coordination efficiency of channels.

  • Data Innovation

    Carry out strong multi-dimensional channel management and supply chain optimization analysis to achieve scientific decision-making and channel innovation.

Typical Scenario

Integration transaction of manufacturer’s channels

Typical Scenario: Large manufacturers use high-quality products to enhance the control over channels, establish an integrated channel platform with manufacturers as the core, complete one-stop order management of channels and end customers, realize channel digitization, and improve the efficiency of enterprise sales and operation.

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Distribution Transaction of Multi-level Channels

Typical Scenario: Large channels manage, at the upper level, diversified manufacturers, and reduce procurement costs by centralizing procurement requirements; manage, at the lower level, multi-level channel distributors, quickly develop multi-level channel pricing and marketing strategies, and coordinately process upstream and downstream orders to reduce inventory costs of channels and improve the coordination capability of channels.

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Channel Terminal Ordering

Typical Scenario: Manufacturers and channels provide a package of services such as ordering, trading and distribution to end retailers, support end retailers to manage inventory rationally and optimize the pace of purchase and sales, and quickly improve the responsiveness of the supply chain to the needs of end customers.

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