Unbounded Retail E-commerce Solutions

Breaking the boundaries of people, goods and fields, realizing unbounded retail through big data, intelligent replenishment, artificial intelligence, and opening up a supply chain + retail fast path for suppliers → terminal stores → consumers


  • Store Digitization

    The data of mall and offline store is aggregated to break the information island and realize the digital upgrade of supply chain

  • Conversion to IOT

    Reduce labor costs, combine sensors and big data technology, and build a smart store of black technology

  • Refine

    Improve the consumption experience, make intelligent analysis of big data, and carry out refined operation, attract new customers and maintain the old

  • Omni-channel Retailing Integration

    Omni-channel retailing integration, seamless on-line and offline service connection, realizing unbounded retail

Typical Scenario

Shopping Center

Typical Scenario: Establish the connection between the online and offline shop, reduce operating costs, set up complex online stores, manage purchase-sell-stock, sales and storage, and explore customer needs, to realize the take-off of people and area effectiveness.

Solution: Smart retail store, smart supply chain, user profiling, refined marketing, intelligent replenishment, service, transparency, accuracy, efficiency, only sell goods needed by customers, eliminate inventory.

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Clothes, Shoes and Bags

Typical Scenario: A variety of skus to solve the problem of user selection, only sell the goods that the user needs, do not overstock, solve a variety of sales scenario tools.

Solution: AR and VR fitting, on-line and off-line selection experiencing, personalized recommendation, store sales management system to solve the management problem of the store staff.

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Household Goods

Typical Scenario: Multiple consumer products, lots of skus, and difficulty in decision, to help meet the needs of online and offline scenarios.

Solution: Intelligent selection, AR and VR matching futuristic technology for purchasing, mining user demand, breaking the limitation of experience, and assisting users to easily match and buy household products.

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Fresh food

Typical Scenario: Transaction frequency, difficulty in storage of fresh food, storage efficiency, uniform collection of omni-channel orders and nearby store delivery.

Solution: Flexible delivery planning and distribution, food safety monitoring and management, intelligent supply chain.

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Cross-border Goods

Typical Scenario: Breaking through the difficulties of import cross-border business and export cross-border business, one-time settlement of general import, bonded stocking, direct mail import and export mode, connection of payment, warehousing and customs, to support enterprises to launch cross-border projects quickly.

Solution: Unified interface, ICP filing, three-order connection, logistics, payment, supply chain, platform cross-border operation, data mining user demand, intelligent selection, intelligent replenishment, and commodity traceability.

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