Urban Industry Service Platform

A City industrial service platform is provided to regions and cities based on E-commerce operation experiences of JD Group for years and technical benefits of JD Cloud.

Scheme Specification

  • Operation scheme of localized industry

    As the basic operation platform of City Cloud project, operation experiences, resource benefits and the like of JD Group in the E-Commerce industry and the advanced fields will be gathered.

    • Integrating E-commerce benefits of JD Group
    • Promoting local industrial and economic development
  • One-stop industrial operation service

    Realize cooperation, integration and resource sharing of Internet platforms, technology platforms and resource platforms of JD Group and JD Cloud.

    • Unified output of JD Mall resources to the outside
    • Creating local industrial platform by cooperating with resources
  • Platform-based role account management

    The platform supports management on roles of different types, supports industrial enterprises, government, operators, upstream and downstream service enterprises, and other roles and management on different account permissions.

    • Platform role assignment with unified permission
    • Support permission management on different roles
  • Industrial and information data management

    Supported by the platform technology and service support system, on-line behavior data, on-line service information and other information and data of different users of the industrial can be effectively deposited.

    • Integrated industrial data platform analysis
    • Industrial data agglomeration, integration and output

Solution Architecture

Architecture Description

Support one-stop service and cross-origin business to government, enterprise and individual users. Unified data storage and data model. IT operation service process of all business. Flexibly support various business and operation types with a unified IT platform. Micro service-oriented architecture supports rapid access to industrial cloud micro service both from the internal and external of the Group. Healthy IT security and risk management system.