Logistics Cloud Solutions

Learn from the management and technical experience accumulated by JD Logistics in supporting and developing its own logistics system for 14 years. To become a suitable warehousing and logistics solution provider for Chinese enterprises.


  • Planning and Design

    Warehouse layout planning, logistics device support, automated warehouse solutions, logistics strategy analysis and system architecture construction

    • Provide warehouse layout plan
    • Provide device support according to warehouse layout
    • Design automated warehouse solutions on demand
    • Make health diagnosis and global analysis of warehouse logistics status
  • Operational Improvement

    Organizational architecture adjustment, system establishment of SOP and KPI, cost management and optimization, Post duty codes, staff assessment mode design, business process training

    • Make diagnosis and analysis of warehouse operation status
    • Organize and optimize existing business processes of enterprises
    • Help enterprises to establish a standard SOP system and KPI system
    • Provide warehouse operation training, business process training and system training
  • Two Systems

    J-WMS System J-TMS System

    • Flexible configuration of the delivery and warehousing policy
    • Monitor compass and make the whole process of warehousing operation transparent
    • Flexible and intelligent scheduling
    • Monitoring and management in the whole process of transport
  • Quality Service

    Professional active standard customized

    • After-sale personnel are familiar with system knowledge and customer information
    • Re-visit customers as planned, upgrade system and offer training sessions.
    • Develop strict after-sales process language technique; solution standardization
    • Provide customized after-sale service for customers with individualized needs

Scheme Details

Planning and Design

Typical Scenario: Enterprise logistics strategic planning

Solution: Meet the rapid development requirements of enterprises with multiple modes in different phases from the warehouse deployment to park planning, from warehouse layout to device selection and from traditional operations to automated production. To maximize the use of warehouses, improve staff efficiency and further promote warehousing services level

Operational Improvement

Typical Scenario: Enterprise cost management and staff evaluation

Solution: Provide all-round diagnosis for enterprises on site, and prepare operational improvement plans; guide enterprises to establish management systems such as SOP and KPI, standardize organizational architecture and job responsibilities, and scientifically conduct cost management and employee assessment.

J-WMS System

Typical Scenario: Traditional warehouse management has many disadvantages, such as: low inventory accuracy, unreasonable warehouse layout, low production per capita efficiency, low inventory utilization, difficult personnel assessment, and lack of data support.

Solution: J-WMS Inventory Management System, through global operation management, basic data, warehousing management, warehouse internal management, delivery management and statement management, is able to make effective use of space, device, personnel and energy, minimize material handling and reasonably simplify the standardization process.

J-TMS System

Typical Scenario: Transportation between warehouses

Solution: J-TMS Transportation System, through global operation management, basic data, sorting center, trunk transportation, distribution management and receipt & settlement management, is able to guarantee full coverage of functional architecture and transportation, flexible and intelligent loading and scheduling management, whole transportation process monitoring and mobile terminal management.

Industrial Application

Multiple-industry Coverage

Logistics Cloud solutions can perfectly solve the system cost, to achieve one-stop management of multi-business mode and efficient collaboration between domestic and cross-border e-commerce business. Multiple-industry coverage. TO B/C Business compatibility: The configuration of system flow is compatible with 2 different business patterns to support multiple production modes. Through summary of analysis for numerous cases, we can bring the efficient change to enterprises, namely: improve the production efficiency by 25%+; improve inventory accuracy by 30%+; increase inventory utilization by 40%+; reduce ticket rate by 45%+ and reduce storage costs by 15%+.

Value Advantage

  • Low Cost

    Free choice of usage modeNo limit to warehouse or permission

  • Most Practical

    JD self-support management mode shares planning & design and operation improvement experience

  • Strong Stabilization

    JD Cloud server provides a ten million-level host for orders

  • Excellent Service

    Implementation and after-sale security provided by JD